Episode 54: Action Plan with Amanda: Time to Audit

Today’s episode of “Ask the RevRec Experts,” features Amanda G. Carrillo, Leeyo’s Pre-Sales Accounting Manager, returning one final time for an “Action Plan with Amanda” discussion. That’s right, the pod team has reached the final step of the “RevRec Action Plan” – audit. Hear some great tips on how best to prepare for financial audits under dual […]

Episode 53: Action Plan with Amanda – Implementation

In this episode of “Ask the RevRec Experts,” Matt and Jim welcome back Amanda G. Carrillo, Leeyo’s Pre-Sales Accounting Manager, to discuss what she considers to be THE most crucial step of the “RevRec Action Plan” – implementation. By this time, as Carrillo discusses, companies should be prepared to go live. Hear what she has […]

Episode 52: Time to Genuflect ….Wait, No, Reflect

On this episode, Matt and Jim catalog a ‘Top 5’ of the most popular pieces of content this past year, and take a moment of genuine reflection upon the events – big and semi-big – of 2016. Here are links for items discuss on the episode: Handy Tips for a Successful RevRec Implementation Change is In […]

Episode 51: A Moment with Mohan

In this episode of “Ask the RevRec Experts,” Matt and Jim interview Mohan Iyer, Practice Director, Enterprise Applications, for Jade Global, an implementation partner of Leeyo Software. Mohan weighs in what it is about today’s environment which makes automation such a critical need for revenue management and ERPs such a limited option. He also hits the […]

We Don’t Mean to Brag, But . . .

…. we’re gonna. Did you know Leeyo Software has the “World’s Greatest Revenue Recognition Podcast” ?  Our popular, weekly forum, “Ask the RevRec Experts,” has served up timely discussions on industry topics ranging from accounting system considerations to corporate revenue enforcement efforts and in-the-trenches field reports on ASC 606 progress at events by PwC, Zuora, CPE and others. […]

Episode 49: Action Plan with Amanda: Testing and Training

It’s that fun-filled time again when Matt and Jim bring back Amanda G. Carrillo for another installment of the always popular “Action Plan with Amanda” segment. The trio ruminate on the vital importance of user training, testing and pre-go-live system preparation. We mainly wanted to use the word ‘ruminate.’ What are they talking about? Glad […]

Episode 48: How Secure Are You?

Hosts Matt and Jim welcome back Naveen Bidhuri, Leeyo’s Director of Cloud Infrastructure and Security, to bring the warm and fuzzies that come with being ‘secure’ in the knowledge of data ownership, encryption, audit and compliance checking in the cloud. Parenting skills also come into play. If you want to hear more about the clear throughline […]

Episode 47: Give Thanks for Revenue Recognition

Hosts Matt and Jim extend the “Thanks” portion of your Thanksgiving holiday one more day with a fun-filled episode rolling through an overflowing cornucopia of reasons folks in this industry should be thankful. Also, it’s that content review time of the month. Important note: No turkeys were harmed in the making of this episode. Help […]

Episode 46: What Is In Your Forecast ?

Matt and Jim welcome back to the podcast Jason Pikoos, a Partner with Connor Group, along with Mayci Cheng, a Senior Manager with the professional services firm, to further the recent discussion on the increasing importance of forecasting. Jason and Mayci tackle the impact of ASC 606 on forecasting, what companies need to consider and […]

Episode 45: Action Plan with Amanda – All by Design

Matt and Jim engage in another lively “Action Plan with Amanda” discussion with Amanda G. Carrillo, continuing the trio’s step-by-step examination of Leeyo’s 2016 RevRec Implementation Action Plan. Delving into Step 9, “System Design,” they discuss how to go about creating a detailed design and system map, integration plan and what that ultimately means for members […]