Episode 44: Intent to Implement

On this episode of “Ask the RevRec Experts,” Matt and Jim are joined by Venki Kumar, co-founder and principal at Protominds, a leading system integrator in the billing and revenue management field. The trio talks about the advice Kumar’s firm offers to finance leaders today to help successfully navigate the choppy waters of revenue recognition and […]

Episode 43: Don’t Be Scared, It’s Just Content

It’s that time of the month when Matt and Jim revisit recent RevRec industry information collected, collated and, um, coddled for your convenience. Fun banter ensues among the topics of recent FASB recommendations, AICPA updates for new guidance and the fork in the road between a life of law enforcement or technology. Talk about a […]

Episode 42: Simplify the Complexity

On this episode of “Ask the RevRec Experts,” Matt and Jim bring back RoseRyan’s Diana Gilbert to pose some questions generated by her recent discussion of “The Revenue Recognition Principle” on the podcast. Tackled queries include how to connect the dots to the new revrec standard, what is basic and what’s complex and the significance […]

Episode 41: Action Plan with Amanda – The Boy Scout Motto

Matt, Jim and PPP (‘platinum podcast partner’) Amanda G. Carrillo talk through the “Preparation” step in the RevRec Action Plan, and how it translates to your organization’s forms, templates, spreadsheets, reports and changes to the business, processes and controls. Remember, be prepared. Better than unprepared. Don’t know what the heck they’re talking about? Here’s your opportunity […]

Episode 40 – The “Revenue Recognition Principle”

Matt and Jim welcome back friend of the podcast Diana Gilbert, a senior consultant who leads the technical accounting practice for the accounting firm of RoseRyan, to answer the fundamental question, “What is the Revenue Recognition Principle?” More specifically, the discussed principle(s) include the following for revenue to be recognizable: (a) having a clear agreement between parties, […]

Episode 39 – It’s a Content Redux Friday, Whoo and a Hoo!

Matt and Jim talk through recent items published on the possible repercussions of extended disclosure discussions, quick takeaways from a recent FASB/IASB webcast, things to consider in the on premise v. cloud decision and another reason the Wells Fargo mess should scare you. The “Ask the RevRec Experts” podcast presented by Leeyo Software reviews questions […]

Episode 38 – Little People or Robots?

In this very special episode of “Ask the RevRec Experts,” intrepid co-host Jim Staats takes on an event single-handedly. Jim usually writes the blog posts, so I (Matt Ream) will take over this one since he handled the entire remote broadcast from a CPE event today and yesterday in Foster City, CA. That’s called “teamwork.” […]

Episode 37 – The Pivot

In today’s episode of “Ask the RevRec Experts,” Matt and Jim are joined by Steve McKechnie, Managing Consultant with multinational professional services provider, RGP, to talk about some of the challenges faced and tips to utilize in achieving project success in revenue recognition. McKechnie, an experienced field operative in helping clients big and small navigate these […]

Episode 36: Action Plan with Amanda: A Brave New World

Matt and Jim return with another of their famous installments of “Action Plan with Amanda,” this time talking with Amanda G. Carrillo about the intriguingly-titled step, “A Brave New World” within Leeyo Software’s 2016 RevRec Action Plan. Topics covered include the application of sample data for new GAAP, whether a completed assessment and chosen adoption […]

Episode 35: The “So Long Summer” Content Review Ep

On this episode of “Ask the RevRec Experts,” Matt and Jim do the traditional end-of-month roundup and discussion of August content and whatnot. Who doesn’t love a good discussion of whatnot? Here’s a link to the highlighted post from this episode, titled “Surprise! Everyone is Talking about New Revenue Rules.” The “Ask the RevRec Experts” […]