Crazy Eights: Meet the Revenue Experts in Eight Fun Questions

Meet-ExpertsEditor’s note: Today’s post is the latest in a series of introductions to the people behind RevPro, the world’s leading revenue recognition automation solution.

Amanda G. Carrillo is a Pre-Sales Accounting Manager for Leeyo. Amanda brought with her to Leeyo an extensive financial background, featuring revenue accountant, finance analyst and operations manager roles in direct engagement with executive management and IT teams toward streamlined workflow and metrics. Amanda lives in San Francisco with her dog, Matrix.

1. What are your duties at Leeyo?

I present RevPro demos for customers and address revenue accounting inquiries for prospects. I also collaborate with our marketing and professional services team for the full customer service experience.

2. What did you do prior to joining Leeyo?

Prior to joining Leeyo, I worked as a Services Operations Analyst (that’s a fancy title for working with revenue, professional services and IT teams on project accounting tasks, revenue/booking metrics for reporting design and analysis and various system implementations). Throughout my finance career, I’ve had the opportunity to work in multiple accounting and revenue roles (from AR, GL to Revenue and Operations), all of which I’ve enjoyed very much; especially because my best work happened outside the accounting cube 😉 (which is probably how I ended up in a customer-facing role today).

IMAG0935_1_13. How does your job help Leeyo reach its goals?

I’ve walked in our customer’s shoes, from manual, painful workloads to exciting ‘all-hands-on-deck” (a.k.a extra-long days) scenarios. Accountants see right past rhetoric and sales pitches. Truth is in the details, and if you can’t interpret our spreadsheets, please don’t waste our time (sound familiar?).  As a former Leeyo customer, I strive to improve our customer experience; as an accountant, it is my job and responsibility to validate the system and accounting functionalities; and as a member of the presales team, I work with our sales folks to understand and anticipate revenue workflow challenges our customers are looking to solve. That’s how I help Leeyo reach its goal of replacing as many manual processes and spreadsheets as possible, one customer at a time.

4. Would you please walk us through a typical workday for you?

The first and last thing I do on a workday is check email and confirm calendar action items. Then I have a little oatmeal. My job requires travel to customer sites, so one day I could be presenting a demo in San Jose and the next I’m off to Atlanta. I go where duty calls. When I am not traveling and presenting demos, I am likely preparing for one. I spend a lot of time researching our customers business practices, product offerings and making sure I incorporate what they are looking for into our RevPro presentation. In addition to that, I also take time to research upcoming revenue guidance updates to prepare for customer questions.

5. If you could say one thing to our customers and potential customers about what we do, what would that be?

Ah yes, the million dollar question…  with RevPro, we can turn quantity into quality!

6. What are your hobbies outside work?

Dancing, attending concerts, live sporting events (“2015 World Champion” Golden State Warriors, San Francisco 49ers and lots of baseball games), volunteering and traveling.

7. Let’s hear something about yourself people would find surprising.

I was born in Guatemala City.

8. What is your favorite part of your role here at Leeyo?

One of my favorites is the opportunity to work directly with customers because I am very passionate about RevPro and I love talking about it; also, because I can relate to the daily revenue accounting struggle most folks are looking to solve. Another favorite is the opportunity to learn RevPro from behind the scenes to understand the “ins and outs” and become an expert on the solution. Finally, I love the ability to contribute to the improvement of the RevPro tool in ways that allow me to merge my love for revenue and for systems.

 You can hear Amanda on Leeyo’s “Ask the RevRec Experts” podcast series