Revenue Recognition Conference 2017: Current Industry Trends & Strategies in Financial Reporting

Now that the New Revenue Recognition Standard is moving full steam ahead toward implementation, it is more important today than ever before that you receive the real-world expert guidance and up-to-date information you need when you need it most.

Today, best practices for how to apply the New Standard have evolved. It is no longer theory. Instead you will be learning proven real-world practices that have been tested by other companies from our unmatchable team of America’s foremost revenue recognition experts from the Big 4, industry leaders and other specialists.

Take full advantage of this unique opportunity to make the transition to the New Revenue Recognition Standard as smooth, painless and effective as possible for you, your company and/or your clients.


•  Understanding ASC 606: Revenue Recognition Under the New Standard

•  SEC Enforcement Issues

•  Industry Roundtable on Today’s Revenue Recognition Issues

•  Applying ASC 606: Revenue Recognition Under the New Standard—Practical Examples

•  Managing Implementation & Transition Within Your Organization

•  New Revenue Standard Disclosure Requirements

•  Exploring Adoption Methods & Transition Adjustments

•  ASC 606: Beyond the Income Statement

LEARNING OBJECTIVE  To provide you with a thorough review of the New Revenue Recognition Standard and its implementation
timelines regarding revenue recognition and how to apply these rules to your company.

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