1The World's Greatest RevRec PodcastIntroduction of the first revenue recognition-focused podcast (that we know of!)
2Adoption TimelinesExperts from HA&W join the podcast to share their thoughts on adoption timelines.
3Who’s Affected by the New Guidance?
Shauna Watson from RGP will give her insights on who will be affected by new guidance.
4How Much Does “Free” Cost?
Expert opinions on what should go into the decision between revenue functionality offered by an ERP versus another vendor’s solution.
5Common Challenges
Shauna Watson from RGP discusses “Common Challenges” that companies, regardless of industry or revenue stream, are experiencing with the new guidance.
6Build or Buy
Geoff Robles do a deep dive on considerations in the dilemma of “Build or Buy.”
7Let’s Recap a Webinar
Recap of the Webinar- Five Best Practices for a Successful Revenue Automation Implementation.
8Why Auditors Love RevPro …Or Not
Various statistics on new guidance readiness & Auditors Love for Revpro
9Webinar Recap Part Deux
Continued Recap of the Webinar- Five Best Practices for a Successful Revenue Automation Implementation.
10Action Plan with Amanda – Get Started
Amanda G. Carrillo delve into the ‘Get Started’ step of Leeyo’s 2016 RevRec Action Plan
11Ask Jason Pikoos
Jason discusses his thorough strategy for migrating to a revenue automation system.
12What a Difference a Year Makes Monthly Review: Relevance of the new revenue recognition guidance & Conference Take Away.
13April Fooling Around
The hosts hit the streets of Silicon Valley to find out what regular folks think RevRec means.
14Action Plan with Amanda – Pre-Assessment
Amanda joins hosts for the in-depth discussion of the questions to ponder and takeaway benefits of Step 2 of the plan: Pre-Assessment.
15Live from Zuora Subscribed — Is it a Bear or a Budgie?
The hosts connect with a multitude of finance folks on the current and future revenue recognition challenges they’re facing at Subscribed 2016.
16KPMG’s Adrien Vion Discusses Transition Methods
KPMG’s Adrien Vion discusses various considerations and challenges inherent in the transition methods tied to the newly converged revenue recognition standard.
17Smart Software, A Spreadsheet Sayonara and Kebabs
Monthly Review: A future full of predictive analysis and automation to the two-pronged problem facing spreadsheets and ERP RevRec solutions.
18 Let’s Talk About the TRG
Aaron Victorino, shed some light on the Joint Transition Resource Group for Revenue Recognition.
19 Action Plan with Amanda – Strategy Outline
Amanda G. Carrillo joins hosts in to help talk through the third step in the plan, Strategy Outline.
20 Report from RGP Seattle Workshop and PwC RevRec Bootcamp
Experts discuss the increasing industry readiness for ASC 606 and best practices for revenue automation implementation.
21 May Content Review
Content Review for the month of May.
22 Legally Speaking
Tim Crudo discusses the topic of the stepped-up enforcement efforts of the DOJ and SEC on white collar crime & what this could/should mean for those in charge of corporate revenue.
23 Action Plan with Amanda – Dig a Little Deeper
Amanda G. Carrillo, tackled another step - “Dig a Little Deeper” begins the shift into the assessment phase of the mapped-out plan for how to tackle the new revrec guidelines.
24 Implementation Best Practices
Hari Pantakapu discusses best practices for a successful revenue automation solution implementation.
25 June Content Review
Monthly Review: Kathy Pearson discusses disclosure reporting and possible changes in the residual allocation method due to ASC 606.
26 System Considerations Follow to RoseRyan Webinar Diana Gilbert from RoseRyan joins the hosts to discuss a strategic approach to the New RevRec Rules.
27 Action Plan with Amanda – Make Some Decisions
Amanda G. Carrillo back in the fold to talk through the nitty gritty of Step 5, “Make Decisions.”
28 Rappin’ with Rajeev
Rajeev Reddy shares his perspective on what it takes to achieve a successful revenue automation implementation.
29 The Summit is Coming! The Summit is Coming!!
The hosts discusses the latest details on the agenda, target audience and CPE credit for RevRec Summit.
30 Content So Hot It’s Cool Content Review for the month of July.
31What S’up with Support
Srinivas Guduru discusses the typical inquiries received in support of a revenue recognition automation solution.
32Action Plan with Amanda – Operational Planning
Amanda discusses Operational Planning step in the 2016 RevRec Action Plan presented by Leeyo Software.
33Live from the RevRec Summit
The hosts share some of the sights of Leeyo Software’s inaugural Revenue Recognition Summit 2016.
34Live from the RevRec Summit, Part II: The Sequel
Matt and Jim, along with guest correspondents, Amanda and Irene, brings more tidbits from Leeyo’s inaugural Revenue Recognition Summit.
35The “So Long Summer” Content Review Ep
Content Review for the month of August 2016.
36Action Plan with Amanda: A Brave New World
Amanda G. Carrillo discusses the intriguingly-titled step, “A Brave New World” within Leeyo Software’s 2016 RevRec Action Plan.
37The Pivot Steve McKechnie talks about some of the challenges faced and tips to utilize in achieving project success in revenue recognition.
38Little People or Robots?
Jim Stats discusses about the preparations done by various officials to implement ASC 606.
39It’s a Content Redux Friday, Whoo and a Hoo!
The hosts discussed the recently published items on the possible repercussions of extended disclosure discussions & quick takeaways from a recent FASB/IASB webcast.
40 The “Revenue Recognition Principle”
Diana Gilbert from RoseRyan answers the fundamental question, “What is the Revenue Recognition Principle?”
41 Action Plan with Amanda – The Boy Scout Motto
Amanda G. Carrillo talk through the “Preparation” step in the RevRec Action Plan, and how it translates to your organization’s forms, templates, spreadsheets, reports and changes to the business, processes and controls.
42 Simplify the Complexity

RoseRyan’s Diana Gilbert discusses how to connect the dots to the new revrec standard, what is basic and what’s complex and the significance of standalone.
43 Don’t Be Scared, It’s Just Content Content Review for the month of October: FASB recommendations, AICPA updates for new guidance.
44 Intent to Implement
Protominds Venki Kumar offers help to finance leaders today to help successfully navigate the choppy waters of revenue recognition and accounting.
45 Action Plan with Amanda – All by Design
Amanda along with the hosts discusses the step-by-step examination of Leeyo’s 2016 RevRec Implementation Action Plan. Delving into Step 9, “System Design” .
46 What Is In Your Forecast?

Jason Pikoos, a Partner with Connor Group, along with Mayci Cheng discusses the increasing importance of forecasting.
47 Give Thanks for Revenue Recognition
The hosts presents a fun-filled episode rolling through an overflowing cornucopia of reasons folks in this industry should be thankful.
48 How Secure Are You? Naveen Bidhuri bring back the warm and fuzzies that come with being ‘secure’ in the knowledge of data ownership, encryption, audit and compliance checking in the cloud.
49 Action Plan with Amanda: Testing and Training
Amanda ruminate on the vital importance of user training, testing and pre-go-live system preparation.
50 Double Dipping the Recaps
"In-field" commentary from the recent RGP Revenue Recognition Roundtable and CPE’s Revenue Recognition Conference 2016 events.
51 A Moment with Mohan
Mohan weighs in what it is about today’s environment which makes automation such a critical need for revenue management and ERPs such a limited option.
52 Time to Genuflect ….Wait, No, Reflect
‘Top 5’ of the most popular pieces of content for year 2016.