What Is RevPro?

RevPro is the leading revenue recognition and forecasting solution, with a proven track record of more than $250 billion in revenue under management. RevPro’s rules-based engine automates even the most complex revenue processes to produce consistent and accurate revenue data quickly and easily. It integrates with any ERP – or works as a stand-alone solution – and is deployed under a convenient on-cloud model. And, in an industry guided by ever-evolving standards, it’s reassuring to know RevPro complies with both current and future U.S. GAAP guidance.


Why Automate Your Revenue Recognition Processes?

Even though many key business processes have become automated for better efficiency, accuracy and simplicity, the most important one of all – revenue recognition – still relies on manual processes, incurring substantial risk of restatements, errors, and fines.

In addition, FASB is issuing new guidance that makes it more important than ever to automate revenue recognition to stay in compliance. You should consider automating your revenue recognition NOW.


RevPro Features

  • Revenue and Deferred Revenue Management

    in accordance with your accounting policies and business rules

  • Grouping of Contracts

    for multiple element arrangement allocation

  • Fair Value

    for VSOE, BESP, SSP, RSSP calculations and allocations

  • Dual guidance/books

    to follow rules of ASC 605/606 and IFRS 15/16

  • Variable Consideration

    to manage the tracking and accounting from estimates through actuals, releases and clearing

  • Multiple Cost

    accounting for multiple user-defined cost types

  • Comprehensive Accounting

    for COGS, sales commissions, rebates and accruals in conjunction with revenue

  • Robust Reporting

    for operational and reporting purposes

  • Forecasting and Projections

    for better management decision-making

What's In It?

RevPro consists of 4 modules designed to fit your needs, based on your business and revenue policies.

Revenue Management & Allocation

RevPro's Revenue Management module allows you to manage the timing, amount and amortization method of revenue recognition. It also allows you to manage cost of goods sold, commissions, rebates, accruals and royalties. Set up your revenue policies and business rules to track revenue and watch the unparalleled power of RevPro.

RevPro’s Revenue Allocation module automates the Fair Value calculations (VSOE, TPE, SSP, BESP) and performs the required revenue allocations, automatically allocating and tracking all calculations at the transaction level, giving transparency and traceability to the expected adjustments, allowing you to focus on review and compliance rather than mastering complex spreadsheets.


Variable Consideration (VC) Analyzer

Companies who face a great deal of variable consideration have to go through historical transactions to estimate the VC amount/percent for future contracts. This auditable process needs to be proved with sufficient disclosures. RevPro's VC analyzer allows companies to analyze the historical data using different stratification options and produce results from the various data populations. The outcome of this process can be used for future contracts. The results and supporting details will be stored in RevPro for future audits and disclosures.


Revenue Forecasting

RevPro’s Revenue Forecasting module delivers a full suite of operational reports required by the revenue team to close the financial period – whether it’s month-, quarter- or year-end.

From reconciliation reports to revenue waterfalls, this module’s unique reporting gives you peace of mind that you have the answers to all your revenue questions and, more importantly, are ready to answer audit questions.


Revenue Intelligence / RevPro Analytics

RevPro’s Analytics module enhances operational reporting capabilities and adds performance analytics dashboards – giving key decision makers up-to-the-minute revenue visibility and metrics.

You can take advantage of the “slice-and-dice” functionality on pre-formatted reports or leverage the reporting platform to build your own reports and revenue dashboards.

Why Use RevPro?


Increase Efficiency

  • Eliminate Spreadsheet Errors
  • Shorten Period End close
  • Reduce Audit Time and Fees

Better Data Visibility

  • See the Complete Revenue Picture
  • Improve Decision-Making
  • Better Analysis and Forecasting

Flexibility in Deployment

  • Configurable Rule Sets
  • ERP Integration; No Co-Dependence
  • Can Work Without ERP,Too

Comply with GAAP/IFRS

  • Full Compliance with GAAP/IFRS
  • Dual Reporting for Comparison
  • Updated to Meet Newest Rules