The sales process of every business can be uniquely complex, creating a challenge for revenue accounting solutions. Whether your situation is complex or simple, RevPro’s rules-based revenue recognition and forecasting solution can be configured to your unique policies and rules, giving you confidence your numbers are accurate and in compliance with current and future standards.

Simple Recurring Revenue Process

  • Subscription Plan

    Subscription Plan

  • Payments


  • Recurring Revenue Stream

    Recurring Revenue Stream

Challenges in Complex Recurring Revenue Process

  • Cash Bank Accounting
  • Usage Based Recognition
  • Upgrades & Downgrades

Highly Configurable Revenue Accounting Engine

RevPro features an innovative rules-based engine, so it can be configured to your unique policies and rules, no matter what business you’re in.

It also integrates will all major ERP and business applications, so you can automate 100% of your revenue processes for better efficiency and fewer errors.

Professional services from Leeyo make sure your automation is a success from start to finish, and there’s a variety of resources to help you along the way, including education and templates to make sure you’re up on the latest best practices.

Leeyo’s revenue accounting experts have successfully automated revenue processes for scores of customers. Let us help you, too.